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Injury & Violence Prevention Program

Preventing Poisoning Among Teens & Adults
Preventing Poisoning Among Teens & Adults


Household and Chemical Products

  • Store food and household and chemical products in separate areas. Mistaken identity could cause a serious poisoning.

  • Never mix household and chemical products together. A poisonous gas may be created when mixing chemicals.

  • Read and follow the directions and caution labels on household and chemical products before using them.

  • Keep potential poisons in their original containers. DO NOT use food containers such as cups or bottles to store household and chemical products.

  • Turn on fans and open windows when using household and chemical products.

  • When spraying household and chemical products, make sure the spray nozzle is directed away from your face and other people. Wear protective clothing--long sleeve shirts, long pants, socks, shoes and gloves--when spraying pesticides and other chemicals.

  • Pesticides can be absorbed through the skin and can be extremely poisonous. Stay away from areas that have recently been sprayed.

  • Discard old or outdated household and chemical products.

  • Never sniff containers to discover what is inside.

  • First aid instructions on product containers may be incorrect or outdated. Call your local Poison Control Center or doctor if an exposure occurs.


  • Read and follow the directions and warnings on the label before taking any medicine.

  • If you have any questions about the intended use of your medicine, contact your doctor.

  • Never share prescription medicines. Medicines should be taken by the person prescribed and for the reason prescribed.
    Never take medicines in the dark.

  • Some medicines are dangerous when mixed with alcohol. Consult your doctor or pharmacist.

  • Be aware of potential drug interactions. Some medicines interact dangerously with food or other medicines. Your doctor should be made aware of all medicines, prescription or over-the-counter, you are currently taking. Talk to your doctor before taking any natural or herbal supplements.

  • Old and outdated medicines should be flushed down the toilet. Some medications can become dangerous or ineffective over time.

California Poison Action Hotline

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