Adult Driving Safety

More people are living longer and healthier. However as people age, they are at a higher risk of injury or death when in a vehicle crash. This is because drivers 75 years of age and older are involved in more crashes per mile driven than middle-ages drivers and because older drivers are more fragile than younger drivers (AMA). The following resources will help you to be as safe as possible while driving your vehicle.

Several factors put older drivers at risk. These include:

  • Vision: As one gets older physiologic changes of vision declines with age. In addition diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataracts also affect vision while driving.
  • Motor Function: As one ages, flexibility and muscle strength can also decline at older ages. Such changes are important for operating a vehicle safely.
  • Cognition: As cognitive skills may also change, such as attention, execution skills, visual processing, these can also put an older driver at risk for collision.

Below are resources available to help keep you or your loved one a safe driver:

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Safe Driving Tips
Driver Safety Program
Tips to stay healthy for driving
How to help an older driver
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