For cases in Los Angeles County

Los Angeles County Public Health
(888) 397-3993
Mon-Fri, 8 am-5 pm

(213) 974-1234
Sat, Sun, and Non-Business Hours

For cases in Long Beach or Pasadena:
Long Beach Health & Human Services
(562) 570-4302
Mon-Fri, 8 am-5 pm

(562) 435-6711
Sat, Sun, and Non-Business Hours

Pasadena Public Health Department
(626) 744-6043


Measles Update: A Primer for Health Care Providers

CLICK HERE to view the archived webinar.
Measles Outbreak Resources for Providers

Alerts and Updates

To receive alerts and updates regarding public health issues, sign up for the Los Angeles County Health Alert Network at

LAC DPH Health Alert:
Measles Outbreak in LA County
December 23, 2016

Guidelines and Recommendations

Measles Investigation Quicksheet Laboratory Testing for Measles Immune Globulin for Measles
Postexposure Prophylaxis

ACIP Vaccination Recommendations MMR Fact Sheet MMRV Fact Sheet
DPH Communicable Disease Manual
Posters and Educational Materials

Don't Wait to Vaccinate Poster (English/Spanish) Don't Wait to Vaccinate Poster (English/Spanish) Put Measles on the Spot Poster

Measles Alert Poster Measles Travel Poster Consider Measles Poster

Download posters in
additional languages

Measles Infographic Matte Measles Article for Providers


Archived Webinar for Clinicians,
Los Angeles County DPH
Archived Measles
Update Webinar, CDC

Additional resources, including information for families and vaccine-preventable disease reporting information is posted at:

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