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For Clinics/Providers (see also Info for Health Care Providers)
  • California Immunization Record (CIR) or "yellow card"
    The yellow card is the official California state immunization record in which a doctor or clinic writes in a child's immunization history including the date a vaccine is given and clinic information
  • Vaccine Information Statements (VISs)
    VISs provide important information of who should and who should not receive the vaccine, what the risks and benefits are, what to do in case of an adverse reaction, and what the vaccine choices are. A copy of the relevant VIS must be provided either to the parent or legal representative of any child or to any adult receiving vaccine. VISs are required prior to administration of vaccine containing any of the following:

    Haemophilus influenzae type bpertussis
    hepatitis Apneumococcal disease
    hepatitis Bpolio
    human papillomavirus (HPV)rubella
    meningococcal diseasevaricella (chickenpox)

For Schools (see also Information for Schools)
  • California School Immunization Record (CSIR) or "blue card"
    School and child care personnel are required to complete and update the blue card for each child based on the child's immunization record. The back side has instructions for school and child care staff along with a personal beliefs affidavit statement to be used when necessary.
  • California Immunization Handbook (Guide to the Requirements)
    Guide to implementing the school and child care entry requirements as outlined by the California School Immunization Law. Includes Immunization Requirements for Grades K-12 and for Child Care, and the Health Care Provider's Guide to the Requirements. Provides, in both English and Spanish, the Parent's Guide to the Requirements, the Notice of Immunizations Needed, and the Exemptions Information Sheet. Includes the texts of the California School Immunization Law and the Immunization Regulations.
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Mission Statement: To improve immunization coverage levels & prevent vaccine-preventable diseases.

Vision: Healthy children and adults, free of vaccine-preventable diseases.

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