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Shared Kitchen Complex means a food facility as defined under the California Retail Food Code or a food processing establishment as defined under the California Wholesale Food Code, or both, that is used as a place of business for the exclusive purpose of providing commercial space and equipment to multiple individuals or business entities which commercially prepare or handle food that will be offered for sale. For purposes of this provision, "commercially prepare or handle" shall include, but shall not be limited to, the making, cooking, baking, mixing, processing, packaging, bottling, canning or storing of food, and other necessary or related activities thereto.

Area We Serve

Public Health is responsible for enforcing the California Retail Food Code in all of Los Angeles County except for those located in the cities of Long Beach, Pasadena and Vernon. Those cities have their own health departments that enforce the Code within their jurisdiction.

Business Information and Documents

The County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health - Environmental Health Division has developed this guideline to assist with the plan and construction requirements for Shared Kitchen Complex. This guideline is based on requirements found in the California Retail Food Code, part 7, of the California Health and Safety Code and the Los Angeles County Code, Title 8 and Title 11. This guideline is a general overview of the plan and construction requirements and should not be considered all-inclusive. Refer to the California Retail Food Code and Los Angeles County Code for additional requirements and details.

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If you encounter a problem at a specialized retail food services-related facility, or to report any public health issues, call the Environmental Health Division of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Customer Call Center at (888) 700-9995. Telephone agents are available on Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM-5:00 PM, or File a Complaint Online.

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For help with other employment issues, such as fair wages, breaks, and more, contact the California Labor Commissioner at 320 W. 4th Street, Suite 450, Los Angeles 90013 or call (213) 620-6330. You will not be asked about your immigration status and interpreters are available to help you.

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