About Hotels, Housing Facilities and Institutions

Environmental Health is responsible for the enforcement of public health laws pertaining to hotels, motels, boarding homes, boarding schools, interim housing, and private school cafeterias.

The Lodging and Institutions Program conducts inspections of hotels, motels, interim housing, boarding schools, and boarding homes, including rooming houses, home for the aged, sober living facilities, boarding houses, lodging houses, and bed and breakfast facilities. The program also conducts inspections of student housing (dormitories, co-ops, fraternity, and sorority houses) and food service operations at private schools and universities. Inspections are conducted on an annual basis.


All hotels, motels, boarding homes, boarding schools, interim housing facilities, and private school cafeterias that reside in Los Angeles County are required to hold a Public Health License in order to operate the establishment. Please note if your business resides in the cities of Long Beach, Pasadena, or Vernon. review local guidelines to remain in compliance.

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To report a problem or notify us about activities that may be of public health concern at one of our facilities, call the Lodging and Institutions Program at (213) 351-0288 or File a Complaint Online.

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