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Division of HIV and STD Programs

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Division of HIV and STD Programs
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Information for Transgender

The word “transgender” is used to describe a broad spectrum of identity and behavior. Usually, transgender people have a gender identity that is different from their original physiological and/or psychological status (i.e., as male or female, man or woman). Someone does not have a higher risk of getting HIV or an STD because they are of a certain identity or sexual preference. Rather, HIV and STD risk is determined by the behaviors that people engage in. Anyone who has oral, vaginal or anal sex, or shares needles regardless of gender identity or sexuality, can get HIV or an STD. 

Below are some resources that may be helpful for transgender individuals.  For more information and resources on getting tested and treated for HIV and STDs, please check out the links to the right.

Transgender Health, Legal, and Policy Information

HIV and STD Information

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