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Using data to raise consciousness and motivate action

We invite you to read and share the reports, data profiles and online tools intended to help everyone understand the state of health equity in our communities and the root causes of inequities. Several of these materials help highlight how community conditions affect health, and how systems, policies and practices have worked to advantage certain communities over others. Check back soon for additional reports and data fact sheets that document racial and ethnic inequities in health and the opportunities necessary for health.

For more information about data and research efforts related to health equity and its root causes, please contact

Center for Health Equity Publications and Data Reports

Education: A Social Determinant of Health data brief (Coming soon)
Listening Session Summary – Southeast Los Angeles
English, Spanish
Listening Session Summary – South Los Angeles
English, Spanish
Listening Session Summary – San Fernando Valley
English, Spanish
Listening Session Summary – Long Beach
English, Spanish, Khmer
Listening Session Summary – Antelope Valley
English, Spanish

Department of Public Health Reports

In June 2018, The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health released City and Community Health Profiles, a series of reports describing health outcomes in 86 cities and communities. These profiles are the most geographically focused reports to date on the health of residents and the community conditions impacting their health across Los Angeles County. Data were reported for 58 indicators of health, demographics, and social, economic, and environmental conditions in each city and community.

To access reports, go to: On this site, you can also create customized profiles and compare results for health indicators across Los Angeles County.

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DPH Reports

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