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Office of Health Assessment and Epidemiology
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Office of Health Assessment & Epidemiology
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Los Angeles County
Department of Public Health
Health Assessment Unit
313 N. Figueroa St., Room 127
Los Angeles, CA 90012
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Phone:(213) 240-7785
Fax:(213) 250-2594


The Health Assessment Unit makes up part of the Office of Health Assessment and Epidemiology (OHAE), along with the Epidemiology Unit, the Data Collection and Analysis Unit, the Policy Analysis Unit and the Institutional Review Board, in the Department of Public Health. OHAE is overseen by the Chief Science Officer.


The Health Assessment Unit oversees the development of the Los Angeles County Health Survey (LACHS), a population-based telephone survey which collects data on health conditions, health behaviors, and health care access and utilization of services from a representative sample of Los Angeles County residents. The unit also provides data support, along with the other units of OHAE, for Area Health Officers and their respective staffs for the purpose of improving community health.


 2014 LACHS now in the field 2014 Los Angeles County Health Survey is in the field. 


L.A. County Health Survey

The Los Angeles County Health Survey is a population based telephone survey that provides information concerning the health of Los Angeles County residents. The data are used for assessing health-related needs of the population, for program planning and policy development, and for program evaluation. The relatively large sample size allows users to obtain health indicator data for large demographic subgroups and across geographic regions of the County, including Service Planning Areas and Health Districts.

2014 LACHS now in the field  2014 Los Angeles County Health Survey is in the Field

UPDATE: 2011 Los Angeles County Health Survey (LACHS) Methodology Changes: FAQs 

Key Indicators of Health

Health indicators represent one available tool for monitoring the overall health of the population, and for communicating with the public about key opportunities for health improvement. A broad array of health and health-related indicators are presented including: health conditions and health behaviors, as well as factors in the social and physical environments that strongly influence health and contribute to disparities in health outcomes. The data in these reports were designed to be shared with concerned community groups, such as health care providers, schools, neighborhoods, and non-profit and business associations, to help us work together toward achieving better health for all.



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