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What is hemodialysis?

Hemodialysis is a medical treatment for patients with kidney dysfunction to filter waste and water from the blood. This procedure helps stabilize patients’ blood pressure and balance various electrolytes in the blood.

Outpatient hemodialysis centers located in different communities throughout Los Angeles County are critical to ensuring that all patients in need of dialysis have access to this important medical procedure. Here you will find information, resources, and updates for both patients and healthcare workers connected to this setting.

Infection Control in the Dialysis Setting


Isolation Precautions in the Dialysis Setting

Like all other healthcare settings, outpatient dialysis facilities must face the challenge of preventing infectious disease transmission and implementing appropriate isolation precautions in order to protect their patients. Below are some topics of concern that are relevant to the outpatient dialysis setting.


Patient FAQ


Educational Resources/Training

Upcoming Presentations:

  • Save the Date April 10 & April 11, 2024, Beyond the Basics of Infection Prevention for Acute Care Facilities & Dialysis Centers 2 Day Mini Course Event flyer

Previous Presentations:

  • Candida auris: Best Practices in Dialysis Settings (07/30/2021) slides

LAC DPH Dialysis Team Highlights

2022 Infection Control and Response Project

In 2022, LAC DPH conducted an Infection Control and Response (ICAR) project in an effort to decrease outpatient dialysis BSI rates in Los Angeles County. LA County has 176 hemodialysis outpatient facilities and, prior to this project, had not had a large-scale collaboration project with these facilities. The Outpatient team conducted ICAR visits in 22 outpatient dialysis centers focusing on BSI prevention process measures. ICARs consisted of on-site infection control observations, completion of the CDC Infection Control Assessment Tools, and providing education and recommendations. Afterward, the team provided a resource binder and an email follow-up including a summary of observations conducted and recommendations to improve infection control practices for each dialysis center. The ICARs have fostered relationships with Los Angeles County hemodialysis centers that were previously unexplored.

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