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Coronavirus Disease 2019

PPE Assistance Program - FAQs


The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (DPH) is assisting healthcare facilities and health service providers obtain personal protective equipment (PPE) – including masks, gowns, gloves, and eye protection. PPE resources are limited and we must conserve the use of PPE.

Facilities can request PPE to serve as a bridge when an entity has a critically low supply. The DPH is not able to supplant the normal supply chain for PPE.

If your facility anticipates a PPE supply shortage within the next 7 days and are unable to source the materials through your normal supply chain, please complete an online PPE Request Form in the PPE Assistance Program’s online system. Please see User Guide for more details.

In order to access the PPE Assistance Program’s online system, facilities must complete a brief registration process, providing contact information and details about your facility’s operation.

The online system is not open to the public. Facilities wishing to receive an invitation for registration will need to contact the PPE Contact based on their facility type.

If you are not sure how to reach the PPE Contact for your facility type, please contact dphppecoordinator@ph.lacounty.gov for assistance.

DPH is making every effort to conserve and equitably distribute our limited supply of PPE. DPH will be distributing PPE to provide a bridge of 7-30 days worth of supplies depending on supply stock.

Factors considered in deciding prioritization tiers for PPE distribution:

  • Degree of contact between staff and patients; ability to implement engineering controls and social distancing
  • Likelihood that patients may be infected with COVID-19
  • Risk of spread to other vulnerable people in the setting
  • Likelihood of needing to perform aerosol generating procedures (highest priority for N95s)
  • PPE needs for non-COVID patients
  • All requests will be acknowledged within 48 hours.
  • Due to limited supply, all requests are being prioritized for urgent and emergent needs, not for re-stocking shelves. Requests are filled based on current PPE guidance.
  • Resources will be filled, as inventory allows, based on priority criteria that includes on-hand inventory/burn-rate, COVID-19 outbreak status, medical care provided and high-risk groups.
  • Requests will be filled, as inventory allows, to provide a short-term bridge until the supply chain is restored .
  • Request not filled within 45 days due to PPE availability limitations will be purged from the system and you will need to submit a new PPE Request.

Currently, the PPE Assistance Program uses three distribution methods:

  1. Bulk Drop Off at Regional Office
  2. Direct Delivery to facility location
  3. Point Of Distribution (POD) at one of the Public Health Centers

Facilities scheduled to receive PPE via one of the distribution methods listed above will be notified of time and location within 24-48 hours of the distribution event.

During these times of PPE shortages occurring nationwide, DPH is deploying all possible resources to increase supplies through all possible avenues, without compromising on protective specifications. Our efforts include advocating for more supplies from state and federal stockpiles, sourcing new supplies and working with local partners to acquire excess inventory. While working to procure additional supplies, DPH is only able to serve as a bridge when a facility has a critically low supply (less than 7 days).

We will make every effort to provide facilities with PPE supply most appropriate for their operations, however, there may be times we will have to substitute the requested PPE supply with the closest alternative available.

Please refer to the User Guide for information about how to use the PPE Assistance Program online system and forms. For additional information or questions, please email to dphppecoordinator@ph.lacounty.gov. Briefly state your question in the subject line.

For example,

Issue Email Subject

Can’t find my facility in the list

Can’t find facility in PPE Assistance online

Would like to request to have a facility added to the PPE Assistance Program

Request to add facility to PPE Assistance

Not receiving emails from the online system

Not receiving emails from PPE Assistance

The form will not open from the link provided

Access issue with PPE Assistance online form

If your facility has multiple locations, each facility location will need to complete registration and a separate PPE Request Form, even if the contact information is the same.

PPE distribution is guided by the number of staff and clients, specific nursing activities, and Covid-19 infections which is likely to differ for each facility location.

All healthcare facilities should be following the CDC crisis and contingency measures to optimize PPE supply. Please refer to DPH guidance on Optimizing the Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for specific guidance for healthcare facilities.

CDC Guidance: Proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE)

Contingency Capacity Strategies by PPE type: Eye protectionisolation gownsfacemasksN95 respirators

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health will report on information provided related to PPE status for required reporting purposes. The information will be kept confidential to the extent allowable by law. Information pertaining to PPE may be presented in aggregate statistics on public-facing dashboards but in a way that it will not be possible to identify any given facility’s information on staffing or clients.

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