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Acute Communicable Disease Control
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Hepatitis A Outbreak

On September 19, 2017, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (Public Health) declared a local outbreak of hepatitis A virus in Los Angeles County due to the identification of locally acquired cases. Public Health has been proactively preparing for an outbreak and is working diligently to prevent the spread in local communities.

Hepatitis A outbreaks are currently ongoing in San Diego and Santa Cruz counties. The majority of cases have occurred in persons who are homeless and/or use illicit drugs (injection and non-injection), with several cases also occurring among people who provide services to the homeless.
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Physicians are required to report hepatitis A cases to Public Health
To help stop the spread of hepatitis A, especially among vulnerable populations such as the homeless and illicit drug users, physicians are urged to report cases to Public Health.
  • In the current outbreaks, hepatitis A is primarily being transmitted person-to-person through close contact or through contact with a fecally contaminated environment.Button for vaccination clinics
  • To prevent an outbreak in Los Angeles County, the hepatitis A vaccine is recommended for people who are homeless and/or use illicit drugs.
  • LAC DPH has further expanded its HAV vaccine recommendations during the outbreak. HAV vaccination is now recommended for persons who are homeless and/or who use illicit drugs and to persons who have frequent close contact with the homeless or drug-using populations. This includes those who handle or serve food or who provide personal care, janitorial, maintenance, or sanitation services to these populations.
  • Timely identification and reporting of confirmed and suspect hepatitis A cases is critical for an effective public health response and to guide outbreak prevention strategies.
  • Suspect cases of HAV should be reported immediately by phone, while the patient is still at the clinical facility, in order to facilitate an on-site interview by a public health investigator and prophylaxis of contacts; phone 888-397-3993. After hours call: 213-974-1234.

Summary of Los Angeles County Outbreak Investigation 2017 (slides in PDF)


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