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Antimicrobial resistance (AR) is a global public health concern. Facility-level antibiograms provide a summary (usually prepared annually) of the percentage of isolates susceptible to a variety of antimicrobial agents within a healthcare facility. The facility antibiogram is an important tool for the development of antimicrobial stewardship policies and protocols for empiric antibiotic selection. Facility antibiograms are often limited by relatively few organisms tested and limited geographic sampling.

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LAC DPH) analyzes data from facility-level antibiograms to develop an understanding of antimicrobial susceptibility and resistance among bacteria recovered from clinical specimens in LA County. Tracking susceptibility data will allow LAC DPH to better understand the problem of AR, and to better target interventions and prevention activities. LAC DPH will also use facility-level data to compile an annual LA County Regional Antibiogram that will be made available to healthcare facilities so they can compare their susceptibility rates to the county overall.

Regional atibiograms may be particularly useful to guide empiric therapy among: 1) small hospitals and skilled nursing facilities that do not encounter a wide variety of organisms; and 2) healthcare facilities outside LA County that receive patients from within LA County.

Although facility or regional antibiograms can assist healthcare professionals in guiding empiric therapies, clinicians should adjust antibiotic treatment to final microbiology results as soon as they are available.

The 2015 antibiogram data presented in this report were submitted voluntarily from 75 LAC acute care hospitals. Moving forward, all LA County hospitals and skilled nursing facilities are required to report antibiogram data in accordance with a Health Officer Order issued by LAC DPH in January 2017 beginning with data from 2016.

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