Substance Abuse Prevention and Control

The Prevention Program is responsible for program planning, development, implementation, and evaluation for Substance Abuse Prevention and Control’s (SAPC) contracted substance abuse prevention contracts.

Prevention System of Services
SAPC’s Prevention System of Services is comprised of a network of community-based organizations implementing evidence-based community- and individual-level services to address SAPC’s Goals and Objectives. Prevention contractors determine which of the County’s Goals and Objectives are of greatest priority in their target city(ies) and/or community(ies) based on data gathered during a local needs assessment and by implementing the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) Steps: Assessment, Capacity, Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation.

To learn more about the Strategic Planning Framework please visit the SAMHSA website.

SAPC’s Goals:
To reduce underage and binge drinking, marijuana, methamphetamine, ecstasy, prescription medication, over-the-counter (OTC), and inhalant use/misuse among youth and young adults residing in cities and communities in Los Angeles County.

SAPC’s Objectives:
To reduce the access, availability, social norms, and community conditions that contribute to use and misuse of these priority substances within cities and communities in Los Angeles County.

The Prevention System of Services includes eight Environmental Prevention Services (EPS) contracts, 34 Comprehensive Prevention Services (CPS) contracts, and one Friday Night Live (FNL) contract.

  • Environmental Prevention Services (EPS) contractors address alcohol availability and accessibility through environmental efforts that change policies, ordinances, and practices that facilitate alcohol use within the target Service Planning Area (a specific geographical region in Los Angeles County). EPS programs generally work with local citizens and leaders, government officials, and businesses/organizations to change local conditions that contribute to alcohol use.
  • Comprehensive Prevention Services (CPS) contractors seek to 1) change the local conditions that facilitate alcohol and drug use, 2) identify individuals who could benefit from prevention services or contribute to prevention efforts, and 3) change the knowledge and behaviors of youth and adults that contribute to community norms about alcohol and drug use. Depending on the program, services may focus on individual-level activities such as school-based prevention classes, or on community-level services such as making changes to the local environment or changing policies/practices that contribute to substance use and/or favorable norms around use.
  • Friday Night Live (FNL) contractors build partnerships for positive, healthy youth development and engage youth as active leaders, mentors, and advocates in county and statewide efforts to reduce access to and availability of alcohol and other drugs. Services are provided through the Los Angeles County Office of Education in various middle schools and high schools. Youth-adult partnership activities include educating policy-making officials, providing safe social outlets for youth, and hosting trainings and conferences on varying issues from leadership to social factors that contribute to substance abuse.

To find out more information about SAPC’s Prevention System of Services, please contact a Prevention Services Provider.

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