MAT works


There is more than one path to recovery. It is important for the community and health providers to understand how medications in combination with counseling can help to address the biomedical aspects of addiction.

This site provides practical information on Medications for Addiction Treatment (MAT) for providers across health systems (e.g., physical health, mental health, and substance use disorder systems), as well as for patients.

The two main goals of this site are:

  1. To give providers the information necessary to expand the number of MAT programs available across health care systems in order to deliver comprehensive and whole-person care to those with addictive disorders, including the use of MAT.
  2. To give patients information about the option and potential benefit of MAT in their addiction treatment.

*Importantly, while the majority of the information on this site can be generalized to various localities, some information is specific to California and Los Angeles County.