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Public Health Nursing


Public Health Nursing

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Contact Information
County of Los Angeles
Department of Public Health
Nursing Administration
241 N. Figueroa Street, Room 347
Phone: (213) 288-7725
Toll Free Phone Number: 1 (866) 307-6877
Fax: (213) 250-0612
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Recruitment and Retention Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the requirements for a Public Health Nurse (PHN)? 

California requires PHN's to have an active California Registered Nurse (RN) license, a California PHN certificate and a Bachelors Degree in Nursing.  For licensure/certification questions, contact the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) at

Nurses coming to California from outside the United States or from other states also need to contact the BRN regarding licensure.

Are new PHN and RN graduates allowed to work on an interim permit? 

No, all new PHN graduates must possess a RN license and a PHN certificate from the BRN and all new RN graduates must possess a RN license from the BRN in order to be practice in the state of California.

Can I apply for employment with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health with a foreign license or a license from another state? 

No, you must a have California license to apply. Please go to for information.

Does Public Health provide work sponsorships for foreign nurses or foreign nursing students completing their nursing degree in the United States? 

No, Public Health does not provide sponsorships. Please see application for employment qualifications.

Do I need to fill out an application for Public Health if I am already a RN I working in one of the County hospitals or health centers? 

Not if you are interested in a lateral transfer as an RN 1.  If you are interested in any other nursing position (i.e.-PHN, RN II) you do need to submit an application.

Do I need to fill out an application for Public Health if I am already a RN I and I want to apply for a RN II ? 

Yes, a RN II position is a promotional opportunity and you need to complete an employment application and submit an  application to Human  Resources (HR) in order  to placed on the certification or eligibility list for RN II. Click here for current vacancies.

Does Public Health offer part-time or per-diem nursing positions? 

No, all of our positions are full-time.

Where do I submit my employment application for Public Health? 

You can submit your application via the internet. For information on the application  process and job opportunities, click here.

Do you have any tips on completing the applications? 

First,  carefully read the exam bulletin which is the posting for  job classifications such as RN, PHN. You must meet the  minimum eligibility requirements listed in the job classification bulletin in order for your application to be accepted. If copies of licensure/college degree are required, the copies need to accompany the application. Explain your employment history, including job duties in the work experience section, so the HR analyst can determine if you meet the requirements. You need the complete  exam number and examination title for each application you submit. This information can be found on the top of the job bulletin.

I went through the application process and I am on the certification list. What happens now? 

You should have received a letter from HR notifying you of how long your name will remain on the certification or eligibility list (for nursing positions  most list are one (1) year from the date the candidate's name was added).  If you decide you are no longer interested in a position, you can notify HR and request your name be removed from the list. If a year has passed since your name was added to the list and you are still interested , you need to complete the application process all over. It is permissible to start this process a few weeks prior  to the expiration date.

During the time frame you are on the list, your name and contact information will be made available to supervisors/managers with vacancies who will contact you for a selection interview. During this interview, position duties, work hours,  and other pertinent information will be discussed. For information on the application  process and job opportunities, click here.

How long does the hiring process take? 

This can vary, depending on the number of positions available, how quickly the supervisors set up their interviews and make their decisions, and if Public Health has any hiring restrictions.

Where are the Service Planning Areas and Health Centers located? 

There are 8 Service Planning Areas (SPAs) located in Los Angeles County.   The health centers are located within each of the SPAs.  To view a list of the SPAs and the addresses of health centers, click here.

Does Public Health provide loan forgiveness? 

No, visit our list of resources for scholarships, grants, loans, and loan repayment programs available for here.

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