Department of Public Health
Contact Information

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Substance Abuse Prevention and Control
1000 S. Fremont Ave, Building A-9 East, 3rd Floor
Alhambra, CA 91803

Division Directors



Interim Director:
Wesley L. Ford
Gloria Ortiz-Hernandez (626) 299-4595
Acting Deputy Director:
John Connolly, Ph.D.
Julia Sandoval (626) 299-4571
Communications and Policy Manager:
Lydia Becerra
(626) 299-4142
Contract Services:
Daniel Deniz
Lillian Wu (626) 299-4532
Adult System of Care (Interim):
Yanira Lima
Dora Arzaga (626) 299-4534
Babatunde Yates
Jacqueline Smith (626) 299-4570
Information Systems:
David Hoang
Julie Komoto (626) 299-4546
Medical Director:
Gary Tsai, M.D.
Hugo Viramontes (626) 299-3228
Personnel and Facilities Management:
Christine Nieto
Russell Marquez (626) 299-4596
Prevention Services (Interim):
Yolanda Cordero
La Tasha Barber (626) 299-3229
Strategic Planning:
Michelle Gibson
Julia Sandoval (626) 299-4102
Youth System of Care:
Timothy DueƱas
Katrina Shuford (626) 299-3532

SAPC Programs



Antelope Valley Rehabilitation Centers Program Director:
Tony Hill
Laura Ponce (661) 223-8891
CASC/ DUI Program Director:
Glenda Pinney, MPH, JD
Commission on Alcohol and Other Drugs Marghot Carabali (626) 299-4105
Community Information Systems Martin Nguyen (626) 299-3205
Contract Compliance and Monitoring Section (DMC only) Kevin Ong (626) 299-4538
Contract Compliance and Monitoring Section(SUD):
Antonne Moore
Phuong Phan (626) 299-4133
Contract Development and Processing Section Head:
Andrea Hurtado
Darlia Wong (626) 299-4536
Cost Reporting Shirley Diep (626) 299-4180
Criminal Justice:
Yanira A. Lima
Valerie Sifuentes
Dora Arzaga (626) 299-4534
Data Requests Tina Kim, Ph.D. (626) 299-4198
Drug Medi-Cal Billing System Martin Nguyen (626) 299-3205
DUI Program Information Kim Richards (626) 299-4543
Family Services Program Manager:
Loretta Denering
Janet Sanchez (626) 299-3552
Fiscal Operations Audris Chao (626) 299-3223
General Accounting/Contract Reimbursement Shirley Diep (626) 299-4180
Informatics Resources/Web Applications Richard Lugo (626) 299-4547
Network Administration Unit Kent Wei (626) 299-4548
Technology Services & PC Support Unit Kent Wei (626) 299-4548
Training/Technical Assistance Contracts Unit Antonne Moore (626) 299-4133
Web Master Vu Pham

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