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Health Education Administration
LA city

About Us


Healthy Los Angeles County communities through effective health education practice.


To promote health through effective health education communications, an empowered health education workforce, and successful partnerships.

Goals & Objectives

1. Evaluate and continuously improve the quality of DPH health education communications.

    1.1. Assure policies and procedures to support effective health education communications are available and current.
    1.2. Share HEA annual report throughout DPH.
    1.3. Improve the content and accessibility of health education communications and tools for internal and external customers using the DPH intranet and internet.
    1.4. Improve the level of customer service provided to internal and external customers.

2. Assure the health education workforce has the knowledge, skills, confidence, and competence necessary to support the DPH strategic plan.

    2.1. Complete role specific duty statements and work plans for all health education classifications.
    2.2. Assure the health education workforce has baseline skills to practice health education effectively.
    2.3. Improve DPH employee participation in worksite wellness activities. 2.4. Assure annual recognition of the health education workforce and its professional practice.

3. Empower key health education partners to support the DPH strategic plan.

    3.1. Engage academia and other professional organizations to support the DPH strategic plan.
    3.2. Recruit graduate student interns to cultivate life-long interest in a public health career.
    3.3. Disseminate best practices by presenting at conferences and publishing in peer reviewed publications.

To learn more about the 2008-2011 DPH strategic plan, visit: http://www.publichealth.lacounty.gov/docs/StrategicPlan.pdf