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Mind/Body/Spirit: Enhancing Women's Resilience to Stress and Depression as They Age  

 Presentations from the November 16, 2011 Community Dialogue

Understanding the Mind/Body/Spirit Connection

  Discussing the effects of depression on chronic disease and aging among women in Los Angeles County; exploring
  key social factors to optimize mental health and well-being as women age and ways to overcome barriers to prevention
  and early intervention of depression among women.

  Women, Mental Health & the California Mental Health System
 Sandra N. Goodwin, PhD, MSW, President and CEO
 California Institute of Mental Health ( CIMH)

 Keynote Address - The Mind/Body/Spirit Connection
 Gloria Morrow, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Author
 Inspirational Speaker and Master Trainer

 Psychosocial Influences on Chronic Disease Among Women as They Age
 Arun Karlamangla, PhD, MD
 Geriatrician & Clinical Epidemiologist, University of California, Los Angeles

  Panel Discussion: Multicultural Women Coping with Stress and Depression

  Sandra Naylor Goodwin, PhD, MSW
  President and CEO
  California Institute for Mental Health (CiMH)

  Black Women:
  Crystal Crawford, JD, CEO
  California Black Women's Health Project

  Theresa Destito, LCSW, Program Director
  Older Adults Program at Pacific Clinics

  Asian-American Women:
  Freda Cheung, PhD, Associate Clinical Professor
  University of California, Los Angeles

  Closing the Gap between Women's Depression and Mental Health Services
  Cathy Warner, LCSW, Deputy Director
  Adult System of Care, Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health














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