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Division of Organizational Development and Training
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Our Units

picture of emergency supplies Emergency Preparedness and Response Training Unit

The Emergency Preparedness and Response Training Unit coordinates educational opportunities that increase DPH workforce emergency response readiness. These opportunities include classroom and online training; national collaboration to expand valuable training resources, share information and refine standards of practice; and the establishment of a public health training framework to improve knowledge and willing staff response to emergencies. This unit works closely with the Emergency Preparedness & Response Program and outside partners such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Los Angeles County Fire Department to effectively execute emergency preparedness exercises and trainings for DPH staff development.

picture of a compass pointing to the word Leadership Leadership Unit

The Leadership Unit was established to oversee and coordinate the leadership curricula that have been created to enhance the staff's leadership capacity.

The Leadership Unit provides public health staff at various levels with the opportunity to develop their leadership skills regardless of role, level, or area of specialization. This includes skills that can be applied when confronting and resolving urgent public health issues. Increasing leadership abilities and effectiveness of staff working to improve public health in Los Angeles County will assist in meeting the goals of the Department. The Leadership Unit works diligently to see that multiple opportunities are available for skill development and enhancement. The unit offers leadership development instruction in several training courses including: Emotional Intelligence, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Supervisor Development Program and Public Speaking Levels 1 and 2.

The Leadership Unit also partners with Los Angeles County-Department of Human Resources to provide courses for Public Health supervisors and managers. The unit also assists with the scheduling of the Director of Public Health Site Visits.

picture of a group training Public Health Training Unit

The Public Health Training Unit (PHTU) coordinates and conducts trainings and special projects that help align employee's work with the Department's mission. Aligning one's work to an organizational mission is essential to building workforce excellence. Ongoing trainings through this unit include: New Employee Orientation (Day 2) and Core Functions of Public Health. These courses build the foundation of core public health principles. Additionally, PHTU responds to the emerging topics in public health that impact the Department's mission and works to educate employees about such important topics.

picture of a grid connecting different technologies Multimedia Unit

The Multimedia Unit offers a variety of both technological and video production opportunities. Currently, through the use of webinars, rich-media recordings and video production,  the Multimedia Unit is able to enhance the in-class and web-based offerings for Public Health employees. These technologies provide a variety of opportunities for DPH employees to learn and succeed in their careers.

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