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Mosquitoes spread serious diseases, like West Nile virus and Zika

Protect yourself and your family from mosquito bites.

  • Wear mosquito repellent when you’re outdoors. Use spray, wipes or lotion.
  • Keep mosquitoes from infesting your home and yard. Tip and toss containers that hold water.

It is important that LA County residents take actions to protect themselves from mosquito-borne diseases. Learn more about what you can do to keep yourself, your family and your community healthy.

Resources for You and Your Community Share the “It’s Not Just a Bite” public health campaign materials with your friends, family and community to help spread the word about serious diseases like West Nile virus and Zika. Download the materials here.


West Nile Virus is in LA County and can
  cause severe illness, even death.

Everyone is at risk of West Nile virus infection, but people over 50 and those with existing health conditions are most at risk of serious illness and long-term health problems.

Zika Virus can cause serious birth defects.
Zika is spreading in Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. If you’re pregnant or plan to become pregnant, protect yourself from mosquito bites. Wait to travel to these areas until after your baby is born.

Looking for more information? Request a speaker: Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Speakers' Bureau

Public Health is Working for You
Due to the rising concern about mosquito-borne diseases, Public Health has been quick to respond by:

  • Investigating possible cases of West Nile virus and Zika virus infection
  • Sharing information and education on West Nile virus and Zika virus with residents
  • Reaching out to medical providers to increase awareness of West Nile virus and Zika virus infection
  • Working closely with vector control agencies


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