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Injury & Violence Prevention Program  (IVPP)

The Injury & Violence Prevention Program (IVPP) of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health is a part of the Division of Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention. IVPP collaborates with community and county partners to support the prevention of violence (suicide, homicide, intimate partner violence) and unintentional injuries (motor vehicle collisions, falls, unintentional overdoses). IVPP regularly monitors the occurrence of injuries and deaths among the residents of Los Angeles County, provides health education through presentations and reports, and provides technical assistance and evaluation support for partners. IVPP’s key programs include the Child Passenger Safety Program, the Los Angeles County Violent Death Reporting System, support for Parks After Dark, and the Trauma Prevention Initiative. The goal of IVPP is to reduce the leading causes of injury related death and disability for Los Angeles County and promote the well-being, health and safety of individuals and communities.

IVPP Highlights

Community Car Seat Checkup at Athens Park on Wednesday, February 27

Willowbrook 2019 SummitClick the image to open PDF Flyer.

To schedule a free seat inspection please call the community healing center
at (213) 822-4656





Willowbrook 2019 SummitClick the image to open PDF Flyer.

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Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, presenting an opportunity to highlight and sustain focus on this preventable public health problem. Suicide continues to be a leading cause of premature death and we can all play a role to promote social connections and emotional well-being, raise awareness of the risk factors, be alert for warning signs, and decrease stigma surrounding mental health.

In observance of suicide prevention month, DPH has released a new data brief on Youth Suicide Prevention in LA County

suicide is preventable

Brief Impact Suicide 2018Suicide continues to be a leading cause of preventable injury and premature death in Los Angeles County. The Injury and Violence Prevention Program urges the public to learn more about suicide risk factors, warning signs and resources to help someone who may be at risk.

If you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255), help is available

Click here for Suicide Brief document: The Public Health Impact of Suicide in
Los Angeles County - 2018


Public Health Impact of Sucide in Los Angeles County, 2013Click here for the 2017 Infographic on The Public Health Impact
of Suicide in Los Angeles County

Additional Suicide Prevention Resources

1. Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health – Access Center Helpline (24/7 and Bilingual) 800-854-7771

2. LA County 211 (24/7 and Bilingual) 2-1-1



On March 13th, The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors introduced a motion, that passed unanimously, directing the Department of Public Health and Chief Executive Office to develop a plan to outline the staffing and resources needed to create a new countywide Office of Violence Prevention within DPH. The board response also includes outlining a plan for rolling out a 6-month strategic planning process. Our framework is a comprehensive, public health approach to violence prevention that includes:

  •  Violence prevention across the lifespan (i.e. child maltreatment, intimate partner violence, teen dating violence, sexual violence, suicide prevention, youth violence, gang violence, gun safety and policy, elder abuse, systemic violence)
  •  Prevention and intervention, trauma informed approaches, community development/resilience, place-based approaches
  •  Best and promising practices and strategies designed for specific populations
  •  Violence prevention data, research and communications
  •  Centralized coordination and connecting community organizations, county departments and partners to build capacity and align efforts
  •  Advancing policy and systems change

In preparation for our response to the Board, we are currently meeting with violence prevention experts and community stakeholders about how we define violence prevention, how best to coordinate and support existing violence prevention efforts across the County, critical gaps that the Office may help address, how a countywide Office could best prioritize its efforts, and the potential role and responsibilities of the Office.

For more information, or if you are interested in an opportunity to share your thoughts/recommendations, please contact us at or call (213) 738-6107.


El 13 de marzo, la Junta de Supervisores del Condado de Los Ángeles presentó una moción, que fue aprobada por unanimidad, dirigiendo al Departamento de Salud Pública (DPH) y a la Oficina del Director Ejecutivo a desarrollar un plan para delinear el personal y los recursos necesarios para crear una nueva Oficina de Prevención de la Violencia dentro del DPH. La moción de la Junta también incluye un plan para implementar un proceso de planificación estratégica de 6 meses. Nuestro marco es un enfoque integral de salud pública para la prevención de la violencia que incluye:

  •  Prevención de la violencia a lo largo de la vida (es decir, maltrato infantil, violencia de pareja, violencia en el noviazgo adolescente, violencia sexual, prevención del suicidio, violencia juvenil, violencia de pandillas, seguridad y póliza de armas, abuso de ancianos, violencia sistémica)
  •  Prevención e intervención, enfoques informados sobre el trauma, desarrollo / resiliencia comunitaria, y enfoques basados en local
  •  Las mejores y prometedoras prácticas y estrategias diseñadas para poblaciones específicas
  •  Datos de prevención de violencia, investigación y comunicaciones
  •  Coordinación centralizada y conexión de organizaciones comunitarias, departamentos del condado y socios para desarrollar capacidades y alinear esfuerzos
  •  Avanzado en la política y el cambio de sistemas

En preparación para nuestra respuesta a la Junta, nos estamos reuniendo con expertos en la prevención de la violencia y con grupos de interés de la comunidad sobre cómo definimos la prevención de la violencia, cómo coordinar y apoyar los esfuerzos de prevención de la violencia existentes en todo el Condado, brechas críticas que la Oficina puede ayudar a abordar, cómo una Oficina del condado podría priorizar mejor sus esfuerzos, y el rol y las responsabilidades potenciales de la Oficina.

Para obtener más información, o si está interesado en una oportunidad para compartir sus ideas / recomendaciones, contáctenos en o llame al (213) 351-1902.

Public Health Receives Award For Child Passenger Safety Program

Click here to read award


Par kAfter Dark Evaluation 2017
Parks After Dark—Evaluation Brief 2017

Click here to open PAD Evaluation Brief
Rapid Health Impact Assessment Report

New Rapid Health Impact Assessment Report

The report, Potential Costs and Health Benefits of Parks After Dark: A Rapid Health Impact Assessment, examines the potential impacts of Parks After Dark on safety, physical activity, and cross-sector collaboration. Continuation and expansion of Parks After Dark would have positive impacts on the health and wellbeing of residents who live in areas disproportionately impacted by violence, obesity, and economic hardship.

Full Report   Executive Summary

Read how parks can address the violence prevention and combat obesity

Parks After Dark Preventing Violence While Promoting Healthy, Active Living                         

Want to learn more about how parks can have a pivotal role in addressing violence prevention while at the same time combating obesity? Parks After Dark Brief contains information about the innovative program found at many Los Angeles County Parks.

Concussion Report

Concussions: How sports-related injuries are impacting our youth in Los Angeles County (May 2014)

The Concussion Report  provides information on Los Angeles County residents who were treated for a concussion either as a patient in the hospital or in an emergency department.

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