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Human Resources


Human Resources

Contact Information
County of Los Angeles
Department of Public Health
Human Resources
5555 Ferguson Dr., Ste. 220,
Commerce, CA 90022
Phone: (323) 914-8505
Fax: (323) 890-1388
How to Apply
Instructions for Filing an Application for County Employment

Please note that you can submit an employment application via the Internet. You may type in your application form online using Acrobat Reader, and then print it out. Please note that in order to save your filled in application on your computer you would need to have the full Adobe Acrobat product installed on your computer.

Please follow filing instructions as outlined here and on the employment application, as well as any additional instructions outlined on the job information bulletin for which you are applying.

How the application process works:
Los Angeles County , as a government entity, uses Civil Service Exams to screen/examine applicants. These exams are administered equally to all applicants in each job title.

The exam may consist of a review of your application, or be written, or be an oral exam, or any combination of these components.
The County will only accept new applicants for Exams that are "Open"; that is, applications are accepted for County examinations only when a bulletin is posted which announces that the examination is an "Open Opportunity" and applications are being accepted.
If the relevant Exam (for that job title) is "Open" and if minimum requirements are met through application reviews, the review process MAY be complete OR the applicant may be invited for an oral or written interview as part of the application process required for that particular job title.
If the applicant passes the "Exam" process they will be placed on a County "List" for that job title.
There is a "List" generated for each job.
Applicants are placed within "Bands" on the Lists based on point scores from their evaluation or written and/or oral examinations.
Departments, Programs or Units that have openings for certain job titles are provided the relevant List.
Applicants may then be called by one (or more) prospective employers for a second interview. Employers may choose for a number of qualified candidates on the List.
Please follow these filing instructions:
Applicants must submit applications specifically how and/or where the bulletin states the application should be filed. For instance, in many cases, applications must be submitted directly to the personnel office or other designated location of the department which is giving the examination. In other cases, the bulletin information may state that the application must be filed in person. Follow these filing instructions exactly, otherwise the application could be delayed or disqualified.
Examinations usually have deadline dates by which application must be submitted. This means that the application must be received in the designated location by the closing date, otherwise the application will be rejected as late and not processed. A postmark by the closing date is not sufficient.
An applicant should file an application as soon as possible, as some exams stay open "until the needs of the service are met." Therefore, when a department determines enough applications have been received, the examination may be closed immediately at the end of that business day.
Applicants must carefully read all instructions on the bulletin and on the information sheet attached to the application form. Additional information may be required, including proof of degrees or licenses required for the position.
Any false statements of material facts or omissions may subject the applicant to disqualification or dismissal.

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