Listed below are questions that may arise when navigating through the hiring process.  If your question is not answered by the information on our website, or you need help, please contact the Division of Medical and Dental Affairs at medicalaffairs@ph.lacounty.gov or call 213-989-7236.

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How do I search for jobs with the Department of Public Health (DPH)?

To view DPH physician vacancy announcements, visit the Current Job Opportunities for Physicians webpage.

If you would like to search for current and future physician job opportunities in the Health Agency (including DPH), then visit the “future jobs in public health" section of the How To Apply webpage.

Why does the Department of Public Health (DPH) physician job opportunity I am applying for direct me to a Department of Health Services (DHS) exam?

There are rarely DPH specific physician exams because DPH hires from the DHS eligible list. In order to be hired for a DPH physician job, you must ultimately be on a list of DHS eligible physicians. DPH and DHS are part of the same County Health Agency.  


The job opportunity that I am applying for lists essential job functions that do not seem relevant to the public health job I am interested in. Will I be expected to demonstrate experience and skills in all these areas?

No. The job opportunities are written broadly as they apply to many positions across the entire Health Agency. The ‘essential job functions’ are examples of duties which vary across the health agency. You do however, need to meet the minimum requirements that are listed. 


Does the county cover my malpractice insurance?

Yes. The county is self-insured for professional liability coverage in accordance with California Government Code Section 989-991.2, County Code Chapter 5.32 and Articles 1 and 2 of the Los Angeles County Charter. The County provides medical malpractice for all employees and volunteers who are providing professional services within the course and scope of their employments with the County.

Are there both clinical and non-clinical physician jobs at t the Department of Public Health (DPH)?

Yes. Physician jobs at DPH range from full time direct patient care to no direct patient care. Examples of full time clinical care are physician specialist items in the STD and/or TB clinics Community Health Services. Physicians working in programs often provide consultative services to other clinicians and, depending on their specific responsibilities may or may not include direct patient care. All DPH physicians are responsible for maintaining a core set of clinical competencies related to emergency preparedness and response.


Is it possible to move into other units or areas after I am hired?

Yes. DPH physicians may transfer or promote into other units within the Department or Health Agency, based on availability and an individual's appropriate training and skills. DPH has approximately 75 physician positions. See DPH Workforce for more information.

Is time allocated for participation in CME activities?

Yes. Full time DPH physicians have an education leave benefit of 80 hours annually that is distinct from vacation time.


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For general questions and help navigating the hiring process contact the Division of Medical and Dental Affairs at medicalaffairs@ph.lacounty.gov or 213-989-7236.

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