How to Apply


Current jobs in Public Health

Visit the Department of Public Health (DPH) physician Current Job Opportunities page to view physician vacancy announcements within public health. If there is a specific DPH physician position that you are interested in applying for, then follow the requested steps as outlined in the vacancy announcement. This usually includes sending a cover letter and resume directly to the DPH office that is hiring as well as applying to an “exam”. The exam is an evaluation of training and experience which is required in order to be placed on a list of physicians eligible for hire. The Department of Health Services (DHS) maintains lists of physicians for the entire Health Agency.   

In order to be hired for any LA County physician job, you must ultimately be on a list of eligible physicians.


Future jobs in Public Health and the Health Agency

If there is no specific vacancy announcement that you are interested in, but you would like to be considered for future physician job opportunities in the Health Agency (including DPH), then it makes sense to apply to all relevant "exams" to be placed on lists of eligible physicians.

Below you will find links to the open “exams” for the physician lists most commonly used by DPH. Please note that DPH hires physicians from DHS eligible lists.  This is why most of the open exams refer to DHS as the location.

Clinic Physician, MD

Physician Specialist

Senior Physician

Chief Physician I

Chief Physician II

Note: you can only stay on an eligible list for 12 months. After that, you need to re-apply.

You can find all open “exams” for physician lists throughout the Health Agency by using the County's search engine.

For general questions and help navigating the hiring process contact the Division of Medical and Dental Affairs at or 213-989-7236.

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