A Word About Distribution Lists.....

The Environmental Health Division has reason to believe that the retail locations, if listed, received the indicated recalled food product(s) described in the news release/notice. Distribution lists may not include all retail locations that have received the recalled product(s) or may include retail locations that did not actually receive the recalled product(s). Therefore, it is important that consumers use the product specific identification information in the news release/notice, in addition to this list of retail stores, to check food product(s) while shopping in your possession to see if they have been recalled.

For large volume recalls, it may take several days to assemble the initial distribution list. Distribution lists may be updated as additional information becomes available.

"Not Distributed in Los Angeles County" indicates that current information available did not identify retailers, distributors located within Los Angeles County.

Food Recalls Distribution List in June 2022

No Recall item image
Recall date: 6/28/2022
Health Risk: High/I
Contaminant/Agent: Due to an undeclared allergen - egg
Distributed to: Multiple sites affected in Los Angeles County
Recall item image
Recall date: 6/03/2022
Health Risk: N/A
Contaminant/Agent: Due to possible Hepatitis A contamination (product may contain fresh organic strawberries linked to outbreak investigation).
Distributed to: No Sites effected in Los Angeles County