Inspection Results

Select the Inspection Results tab below to search for inspection results for currently active Restaurants, Food Markets, Apartment Buildings, Condominiums, Swimming Pools, Food Trucks, Camps, and Cannabis Facilities for the last 5 years.

For best results on the search page, narrow your search criteria by selecting the facility type from the drop-down list, then enter either the facility name, address, city or zip code in the search bar. If searching by an address number that is within a range (e.g., 1100-1110), then search by the primary address number (e.g., 1100). To see the past 5 years of inspection activity for the facility, select the Inspections button. To view the specifics of each inspection, select the Details button.

Facility Closures

Select the Facility Closures or Citation Closures tab below to see closures of active Restaurants, Food Markets, and Swimming Pool Facilities over the last 100 days.

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