Electronic Plan Submittal Instructions

Effective February 1, 2023

The Division of Environmental Health is now accepting electronic plan submittals for food, mobile food, cross connection, land use, drinking water, radiation shielding, and pool facilities in addition to the traditional paper plan review process. Electronic plan submittal is not mandatory and is offered as a convenience.

Plans that are submitted electronically will be returned electronically to the contact person/firm listed on the application. We do not offer printing, flash drive transfer, electronic storage nor courier services of plans. It is the responsibility of the architect/draftsperson/owner/etc. to ensure that plans are submitted to all required agencies/parties.

Submittal Process

  1. Obtain the correct plan review application below. Fill out the application for plan review completely including the square footage and proposed scope of work or construction.

  2. Send an email to the appropriate address below indicating that you wish to submit electronic plans and provide the name and address of your site/project.

    Plan Check Type Email Phone
    Food (Retail, Wholesale, Mobile) DPH-PlanCheck_Food@ph.lacounty.gov (626) 430-5560 or (213) 351-7352
    Pool, Spa rhealth@ph.lacounty.gov (626) 430-5360
    Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems dlanduse@ph.lacounty.gov (626) 430-5380
    Wells, Exploration Hole swsadmin@ph.lacounty.gov (626) 430-5420
    Cross Connection ccwpcp@ph.lacounty.gov (626) 430-5290
    Radiation Shielding DPHradiation@ph.lacounty.gov (213) 351-7897
  3. You will receive an email with the link to a SharePoint cloud storage service.

  4. Click on the SharePoint link to upload your plans and completed plan check application. Plans must be submitted in PDF format. Refer to these instructions for outside users opening a SharePoint link .

  5. Please notify us by email after you are done with uploading your plans and plan check application. However, do not email plans to your plan check inspector. Due to security reasons, no other file transfer protocol server will be accepted.

  6. Upon receipt of your application and plans, we will email you an invoice for payment. Fees can be paid either in person or online via cash, check or credit card (a 2.22% merchant processing fee applies to card transactions with a $1.49 minimum). Please choose your method of payment and follow the instructions listed in the email. If you pay by check, you must include a copy of the invoice so that the funds can be credited to the correct account. The plan review process will not begin until the plan check fee is paid.

  7. If the payment is made online, please send the confirmation of receipt via email so the plan review process can begin.

  8. Once the plans are reviewed, the plan check specialist will reach out to the contact person listed on the plan review application. Instructions will be provided if corrections are needed or how to access the approved plans.

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