Timeline of Los Angeles County's Response To The Exide Contamination

May 2016 – Present

The County remains committed to the community’s health through its Exide Community Health Outreach campaign, which includes Community Health Fairs, community meetings, free blood lead testing outreaches, door-to-door outreaches, school outreaches in collaboration with Los Angeles Unified School District, and partnerships with community based organizations and other events.

April 2016

Health educational materials and resource packets were mailed to all residents in the affected areas. Educational materials and resources included information on lead, cancer, soil testing, LA County’s response to Exide, stress management, mental health, and free blood lead testing. The packets help to inform the affected residents of the public health implications related to the Exide contamination, as well as providing resources to the community to empower them to protect their health.

The County launches its Exide Community Health Outreach campaign to continue outreach efforts. County staff reached more than 1,200 residents door-to-door, and mailed a health resource guide to all residents in affected areas.

March 2016

The County has completed its project for lead sampling of 500 properties in Commerce, Maywood, and unincorporated East Los Angeles. The County will no longer conduct lead testing.

Notification of test results were hand delivered to residents by nurses and health educators.

February 2016

The County will begin taking soil samples on February 29. Through mid-March, 500 properties will be sampled.

December 2015

The County continues to collect access agreements for soil assessments within select areas in the Preliminary Investigation Area.

Protocols for soil assessments for lead are under development. Verified results will be available within one month of sampling.

November 2015

The County develops a project to quickly assess 500 homes in the DTSC-identified "Preliminary Investigation Area".

The County is collecting access agreements from property owners for soil sampling.

County staff are going door-to-door within select areas in the Preliminary Investigation Area to explain the County’s role and process.

October 2015

Board Motion by Supervisor Solis directs The Health Agency to:

  • Quickly find contaminated areas
  • Facilitate lead removal and cleaning of homes, yards and public spaces, and
  • Provide information, health screenings, and other resources to community members.