Surplus food is a common problem in school districts throughout the country. Concerned teachers, students, school administrators, cafeteria staff, parents, and others can become champions to prevent school food from going to a landfill.

"There are many ways to reduce, recycle, and recover food waste in school cafeterias. By implementing these ideas, schools play a vital role in scaling back the amount of food taking up precious landfill space. More importantly, if a school uses food waste as a learning opportunity, it instills better habits in our young people and produces more civic-minded, community-conscious adults."

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health strongly supports efforts to keep school food out of the landfill.

Prevention is Always Priority

Prior to starting a share table or food donation program, we encourage schools to conduct Student Food Waste Audits and consider using these strategies to encourage students to consume their food.

Free Tools to Encourage Kids to Eat their Food