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  • Check Yourself An interactive check yourself approach that includes quizzes, games, stories, and resources on Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs (ATOD) issues and problems.
  • College Drinking Resources on facts and myths relating to alcohol, cutting down on drinking, and prevention.
  • Above the Influence Provides facts about drug and alcohol use so that teens can make informed decisions and stand up to pressures
  • NIDA for Teens The science behind drug abuse for teens.
  • Bubble Monkey Features anonymous access and information about alcohol and other drugs.
  • Chango Bomba Acceso anónimo y información sobre el alcohol y otras drogas.
  • Teen Line Online Provides information on the telephone hotline and addresses various issues pertaining to abuse, suicide, and ATOD problems. Also allows teens to email and IM questions and post stories and messages.
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  • College Drinking Information for parents about drinking at colleges.
  • The Anti-Drug Information for parents about how to talk to their children about drugs.
  • La Anti-Droga Información para los padres de como hablar con sus hijos sobre las drogas (en Español)
  • NIDA for Teens The science behind drug abuse for parents and teachers.
  • Partnering With Families A site designed to inspire more parents and family members to connect with their kids in ways that persuade them not to use drugs.
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