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County of Los Angeles
Department of Public Health
Quality Improvement Division
Jeffrey Gunzenhauser MD , MPH
241 N. Figueroa St., Suite 275
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Phone: (213) 989-7236
Fax: (213) 240-8626
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Office of Quality Improvement - Internal Documents
  1. Quality Indicators Initiative,Information  (Word document, 31K)
    The Quality Indicators initiative, also known as "Public Health Measures," is a program-level effort to link big-picture community goals with specific program activities, and account for the performance of specific activities within each program. The linked document provides background information on the initiative.

  2. Public Health Measures,Terminology  (PowerPoint document, 59K)
    We use this set of slides to discuss the distinctions between population- and program-level goals. We also discuss our use of the terms Baseline, Benchmark, and Standard. Sometimes the pictures in this presentation are the most effective way to communicate these concepts to others.

  3. Public Health Measures,Key Concepts  (PowerPoint document, 53K)
    This set of slides emphasizes the difference between population- and program-level accountability. Also, the internal logic of our "PH Health Measures" document (#1) is graphically displayed, showing the linkage that exists between Population Goals, Strategies, Program Roles, and Performance Goals. Finally, the linkage of Results to performance is highlighted.

  4. Public Health Measures,Form  (Word document, 116K)
    This blank document serves as template for each program within our organization to develop a performance measurement capability. Our approach is to separate population-level goals (for which our programs share accountability with others) from program-level performance goals (for which each program has total accountability). This strategy ensures a robust conceptual framework that assures that individual program performance is linked with goals that are important to the Los Angeles community.

  5. Public Health Measures,Instructions  (Word document, 57K)
    This document provides instructions to program directors on how to complete the "Public Health Measures" document discussed in #4 above.

  6. Performance-Based Report Card Initiative,Information  (Word document, 32K)
    The Performance-Based Report Card initiative is an organizational-level effort to measure the performance of key "cross-cutting" activities, those that affect all programs within the organization. The primary product of the initiative is the Public Health Report Card. The linked document provides background information on the initiative.

  7. Public Health Report Card  (Acrobat Reader document, 147K)
    The Report Card is an organizational-level tool to track performance in areas that affect all or nearly all units within LAC Public Health. The thirteen (13) elements included on the card are organized into three objective areas, as listed below. The results of the Report Card are for internal use and improvement, but the blank format is provided for considered use by others.

  8. Web-Based Application for Performance Measures,Information  (Word document, 26K)
    This document provides information on a web-based application that will assist LAC Public Health track performance. The application will run on the organization's intranet and will be available to all employees. Programs will enter their PH Measures documents and annual results, as well as data for the PH Report Card into this application. This tool will track the status of plan development and results entry, as well as provide summary reports of results and improve organizational awareness and effectiveness. The prototype application has been finalized and is now in development.

We believe that we have learned important lessons in implementing our program. These documents contain some of what we believe is important.  Please feel free to use these documents and provide any comments that you believe may be helpful to us or others.

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