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  Women Transitioning Through Midlife: A Data Snapshot
Summary: The data presented in this report provides a snapshot of the demographic, social, behavioral and environmental factors that impact women transitioning through midlife (ages 45-64 years)
Period of data: 2001-2009    Publication date: 06/2011   
  Women's Health Trends in Los Angeles County 1997- 2007
Summary: This report examines the health of women in Los Angeles County over the last decade. Trends in key health indicators are presented with a focus on highlighting disparities among racial/ethnic groups. Comparisons to state and national data allow a comprehensive look at how women in Los Angeles County fare in relation to women in California and in the United States.
Period of data: 1997-2007    Publication date: 11/2008   
  Health Indicators for Women in Los Angeles County.Highlighting Disparities by ethnicity & Insurance Status, 2007.

  2007 Women's Health Policy Summit Building Multicultural Women's Health: Setting an Agenda for Los Angeles. Executive Report & Recommendations.
Publication date: 10/2007   
  Mautner Project: LGBTQ Tobacco Use Research

  Health Indicators for Women in Los Angeles- Highlighting Disparities by Ethnicity and Poverty Level- 2010
Summary: Mortality in Los Angeles County 2007: Leading causes of death and premature death with trends for 1998-2007, summarizes information on deaths from a wide range of health conditions, including chronic diseases, such as heart disease and emphysema; infectious diseases, such as pneumonia/influenza and HIV; lifestyle-related conditions, such as diabetes and lung cancer; and intentional (homicide and suicide) and unintentional (accidents) injuries
Publication date: 02/2010   

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