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  Preventing childhood obesity: the need to create healthy places.
Summary: In this report, rates of childhood obesity in cities and communities in Los Angeles County are presented. Obesity rates are related to social and economic conditions as well as the availability of neighborhood parks. Recommnedations for immediate actions are provided which can reduce childhood obesity rates.
Publication date: 10/2007   
  How Social and Economic Factors Affect Health
Summary: This report gives a snapshot of how a few key social environmental indicators vary by city and community across Los Angeles County.
Period of data: 2005-2009    Publication date: 01/2013   
  Life Expectancy in Los Angeles County. How long do we live and why?
Summary: A Cities and Communities Health Report. This report presents the life expectancy at birth estimates and level of economic hardship for cities and unincorporated communities in the County.
Period of data: 1991-2006    Publication date: 07/2010   
  Disparities in Deaths from Chronic Liver Disease and Cirrhosis
Summary: Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis is a leading cause of disease burden in Los Angeles County. This report presents data from 2000-2008 revealing it was the 9th leading cause of death.
Period of data: 2000-2008    Publication date: 06/2010   
  Premature Deaths from Heart Disease and Stroke in Los Angeles County: A Cities and Communities Health Report, January 2006.
Summary: A report from the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services presenting rates of premature death from cardiovascular disease in cities and large communities throughout the county.
Period of data: 2000-2002    Publication date: 02/2006   
  The Burden of Disease in Los Angeles County
Summary: This report employs a new method the Global Burden of Disease to assess the total burden of disease and injury among Los Angeles County residents.
Additional information: The major objectives of this study are to:
  • Provide additional perspective on burden of disease and injury assessment.
  • Advance the public discussion about public health resource allocation.
Major findings include:
  • Chronic Illnesses, Drug and Alcohol Dependence, Violence,and Unintentional Injuries produce a substantial burden of disease.
  • Burden of disease varies considerably by gender, race/ethnicity and geographic area.

Publication date: 01/2000   
  Reducing Alcohol-Related Harms in Los Angeles County
Summary: A Cities and Communities Health Report
Period of data: 2000-2009    Publication date: 12/2011