Department of Public Health
Health Assessment Reports

  Childhood Asthma

Summary: Asthma is a leading cause of chronic illness among children and adolescents in the United States. In Los Angeles County, childhood asthma accounted for nearly 5,000 hospitalizations in 2002. This report uses the 2002-2003 Los Angeles County Health Survey to assess childhood asthma prevalence and highlights findings that suggest that many children with asthma in the county have poorly-controlled symptoms that limit their physical activity and frequently require emergency room and other urgent care services.

Period of data: 2002    Publication date: 10/2004   
  Key Indicators Of Health by Service Planning Area 2002/2003

Summary: Summary report of over 60 key health indicators for eight Service Planning Areas, Los Angeles County, and Healthy People 2010 objectives.

Additional information: Report covers the period: 2002/2003.
Period of data: 2002    Publication date: 03/2004   
  Children's Health Insurance

Summary: Recent data on health insurance coverage shows important gains for many Los Angeles County children over the past six years. This report highlights findings from the 2002-2003 Los Angeles County Health Survey on children's health insurance coverage and access to needed medical care. The report shows disparities in coverage by race/ethnicity, household income level, and county service planning areas.

Period of data: 2002    Publication date: 02/2004   
  Adult Smoking

Summary: This report assess adult cigarette smoking prevalence from 1997-2002. It shows a significant decrease in overall smoking from 18.2% in 1997 to 15.6% in 2002. It also highlights disparities in smoking across gender and racial/ethnic groups, as well as the steps Los Angeles County adults are taking to try to cut down or quit smoking.

Period of data: 1997-2002    Publication date: 12/2003   
  Obesity on the Rise

Summary: Results of the latest 2002 Los Angeles County Health Survey indicate that over half (55%) of the county's adult population are either overweight or obese. This report examines obesity trends from 1997-2002 and highlights socio-economic disparities and selected health conditions by weight status.

Publication date: 07/2003   
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