Department of Public Health
Health Assessment Reports

  Rising Food Insecurity in Los Angeles County

Summary: In households with incomes less than 300% FPL, food insecurity steadily increased from 21.8% in 2002 to 30.6% in 2011, and then leveled off from 2011 to 2015 (29.2%)

Period of data: 2002-2011    Publication date: 07/2015   
  What Do Parents Think? Knowledge and Attitudes About Immunization

Summary: The current focus on vaccine related controversies, rather than scientific facts about the safety and proven efficacy of vaccines, can undermine public confidence and may negatively impact parental knowledge, attitudes and beliefs. This LA Health Brief assesses parental attitudes toward vaccination of children 0-17 years old. The report examines immunization coverage, and parental attitudes toward immunization safety for infants, acceptance of side effects, school attendance by unvaccinated children, and other concerns.

Period of data: 2011    Publication date: 06/2015   
  Built Environment for Nutrition

Summary: This LA Health Data Snapshot report focuses on the built environment and it's effects on nutrition. It highlights disparities in key nutrition environment indicators like access and consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, soda and sweetened beverage consumption, and fast food consumption.

Period of data: 2011    Publication date: 05/2015   
  Built Environment for Physical Activity

Summary: This LA Health Data Snapshot report focuses on the built environment and effects on physical activity. It highlights access and use of neighborhood resources such as parks, playgrounds, or sports fields, as well as perceptions of neighborhood safety, adequate street lighting, well maintained streets, and vandalism.

Period of data: 2011    Publication date: 03/2015   
  Housing and Health in Los Angeles County

Summary: Housing affordability, stability and quality are essential for health and well-being. This report introduces housing as an issue from a public health perspective, and explores the intersection of health and housing in Los Angeles County.

Additional information: This report is the second in a Department of Public Health series on social determinants following the introductory release of "How Social and Economic Factors Affect Health".
Period of data: 2011    Publication date: 02/2015   
  Breathing Easy? Child Asthma in Los Angeles County

Summary: Asthma is one of the most prevalent chronic Diseases of childhood. This LA Health report examines the burden of childhood asthma and highlights the need for decision makers to do more to improve the issue in LA County. We assess disparities, and examine asthma as it relates to physical activity and other issues.

Period of data: 2011    Publication date: 05/2014   
  Hospital Practices: Can They Impact Breastfeeding?

Summary: This report presents findings from the 2011 Los Angeles County Health Survey and examines the impact of breastfeeding-related hospital practices on any breastfeeding or exclusive breastfeeding by mothers in Los Angeles County. The report also highlights the "Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding" initiative, which has shown success in increasing breastfeeding rates across all populations.

Period of data: 2011    Publication date: 08/2013   
  Health Indicators for Women in Los Angeles County: Highlighting Disparities by Ethnicity and Poverty Level.

Summary: This report examines the key indicators of health for women in Los Angeles County and highlights important health disparities by race/ethnicity and poverty level.

Period of data: 2011    Publication date: 06/2013   
  Key Indicators of Health by Service Planning Area (2011 Los Angeles County Health Survey Data)

Summary: Key Indicators are standardized measures through which we can assess health and well-being. In this report, we describe indicators for each of Los Angeles County's eight Service Planning Areas (SPAs) and the County overall. It also compares health measures of Los Angeles County residents with those of the United States population, and with Healthy People 2020 target goals.

Period of data: 2011    Publication date: 04/2013   
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