Department of Public Health
Health Assessment Reports

  Cost as a Barrier to Accessing Medical Care Among Adults

Summary: This data snapshot examines affordability of medical care and in particular, barriers to care resulting from lack of adequate health insurance coverage and other socio-economic factors.

Additional information: Data snapshot report.
Publication date: 12/2011   
  Obesity and Related Mortality in Los Angeles County: A Cites and Communities Health Report

Summary: This cities and communities health report examines obesity and related mortality rates and rankings for 81 cities, 15 L.A. City Council Districts, and 32 unincorporated communities in the County.

Period of data: 2004-2007    Publication date: 10/2011   
  Informal Caregiving in Los Angeles County

Summary: Informal caregiving refers to the regular help an individual gives to a family member, friend, or neighbor who cannot function independently. This joint report (a collaborative effort with the UCLA School of Public Health and the Los Angeles Caregiving Resource Center), expands on a February 2010 LA Health report and describes the demographic, health, and health care access characteristics of Los Angeles Counties caregivers.

Additional information: Collaborative Report : UCLA School of Public Health/Los Angeles Caregiver Resource Center
Period of data: 2007    Publication date: 11/2011   
  Cigarette Smoking in Los Angeles County: Local Data to Inform Tobacco Policy - A Cities and Communities Health Report

Summary: This cities and communities report focusses on smoking, which is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States. The report introduces the small-area estimation methodology application used to assess smoking prevalence among adults living in the 88 incorporated cities, the City of Los Angeles' 15 Council Districts and the 40 unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County.

Period of data: 2007    Publication date: 06/2010   
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