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HIV Epidemiology
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Title Author(s) Year  
The Costs of HIV Antiretroviral Therapy Adherence Programs and Impact on Health Care Utilization Sansom SL, Anthony MN, Garland WH, Witt MD, Squires KE, Kovacs A, Larsen RA, Valencia R, Varnell SP, Hader S, Weidle PJ, Wohl AR  2008  
Population-based Linkage of AIDS and Cancer Registries: Importance of Linkage Algorithm Deapen D, Cockburn M, Pinder R, Lu S, Wohl AR  2007  
Increases in Non-Injection Methamphetamine Use in MSM, non-MSM and Latino Men Diagnosed with AIDS in Los Angeles County, 2000-2004 Wohl AR, Johnson DF, Frye D  2007  
The Acceptability of a Directly Administered Antiretroviral Therapy (DAART) Intervention among Patients in Public HIV Clinics in Los Angeles County, California Garland W, Wohl AR, Valencia R, Witt MD, Squires K, Kovacs A, Larsen R, Potterat N, Anthony MN, Hader S, Weidle P  2007  
A Randomized Trial of Directly-Administered Antiretroviral Therapy and Adherence Case Management Intervention Wohl AR, Garland WH, Valencia R, Squires K, Witt MD, Kovacs A, Larsen R, Hader S, Anthony M, Weidle PJ.  2006  
Reply to Smith-Rohrberg and Altice (Letter) Wohl AR, Witt MD, Garland W, Squires K, Kovacs A, Weidle P.  2006  
Survival in Patients With HIV Infection and Viral Hepatitis B or C: A Cohort Study Bonacini M, Louie S, Bzowej N, Wohl AR  2004  
Associations of Race/Ethnicity with HIV Prevalence and HIV-Related Behaviors among Young Men Who Have Sex With Men (MSM) in Seven U.S. Centers Harawa NT, Greenland S, Bingham TA, Johnson DF, Cochran SD, Cunningham WE, Celentano DD, Koblin BA, LaLota M, MacKellar DA, McFarland W, Shehan D, Stoyanoff S, Thiede H, Torian L, Valleroy LA  2004  
Recent Increase In High-Risk Sexual Behaviors Among Sexually Active MSM Living With AIDS in Los Angeles County Wohl AR, Johnson DF, Lu S, Frye D, Bunch G, Simon PA  2004  
The Feasibility of a Community-Based Directly-Administered Antiretroviral Therapy (DAART) Program Wohl AR, Garland WH, Squires K, Witt M, Larsen R, Kovacs A, Hader S, Weidle PJ  2004  
Changes in HIV Prevalence Among Public Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic Attendees in the Western Region of the US (1989-1999) Harawa NT, Douglas J, McFarland W, Thiede H, Kellogg TA, O'Keefe K, McRae KA, Bingham TA  2004  
HIV/STD Risks in Young Men Who Have Sex with Men Who Do Not Disclose Their Sexual Orientation --- Six U.S. Cities, 1994--2000 Johnson, DF, et al.  Feb 7, 2003  
Do differences in relationship and partner attributes explain disparities in sexually transmitted disease among young white and black women. Harawa, NT, et al.  2003  
Comparing Sexual Behavioral Patterns between two Bathhouses: Implications for HIV Prevention and Intervention Policy Bingham, T, et al.  2003  
The Effect of Partner Characteristics on HIV Infection Among African American Men Who Have Sex With Men (MSM) in the Young Men's Survey, Los Angeles, 1999-2000 Bingham TA, Harawa NT, Johnson DF, Secura GM, MacKellar DA, Valleroy LA  2003  
Frequent Failed Early HIV Detection in a High Prevalence Area: Implications for Prevention Johnson DF, Sorvillo FJ, Wohl AR, Bunch G, Harawa NT, Carruth A, Castillon M, and Jimenez B.  2003  
Risk of Opportunistic Infection in the HAART Era Among HIV-Infected Latinos Born in the United States Compared to Latinos Born in Mexico and Central America Wohl AR, Lu S, Turner J, Kovacs A,Witt M, Squires K, Towner W, and Beer V.  2003  
HIV Risk Behaviors Among African American Men In Los Angeles County Who Self-Identify As Heterosexual Wohl AR, Johnson D, Lu S, Jordan W, Beall G, Currier J, Simon PA  2002  
HIV-1 Prevalence Among Foreign- and US-born Public STD Clinic Clients Harawa NT, Bingham TA, Cochran SD, Greenland S, Cunningham WE  2002  
The Role of Person-to-Person Transmission in an Epidemiologic Study of Pneumocystis Carinii Pneumonia Wohl AR, Simon P, Hu YW and Duchin JS  2002  
Unrecognized HIV infection, risk behaviors, and persections of risk among young black men who have sex with men- six U.S. cities, 1994-1998. Bingham, T et al.  2002  
Prevalence of antiretroviral resistance among persons recently infected with HIV in two US cities Turner J, et al.  2002  
Comparison of AIDS Progression and Survival in Persons with Pulmonary versus Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis in Los Angeles Wohl AR, Lu S, Rollins JN, Simon PA, Grosser S, and Kerndt PR  2001  
Diagnosis of Primary HIV-1 Infection Daar E, Little S, Pitt J, Santangelo J, Ho P, Harawa N, Kerndt P, Giorgi J, Bai J, Gaut P, Richman D, Mandel S, Nichols S  2001  
High-Risk Behaviors During Incarceration in African-American Men Treated for HIV at Three Los Angeles Public Medical Centers Wohl AR, Johnson D, Jordan W, Lu S, Beall G, Currier J and Kerndt P  August 1, 2000  
Evolving Characteristics of AIDS- Related Lymphoma Levine AM, Senevitrane L, Espina B, Wohl AR, Tulpule A, Nathwani B, Gill PS  2000  
Sociodemographic and Behavioral Characteristics of African-American Women With HIV and AIDS in Los Angeles County, 1990-1997 Wohl AR, Lu S, Odem S, Sorvillo F, Pegues CF, Kemdt PR  1999  
Prevalence of unprotected sex among men with AIDS in Los Angeles County, California, 1995-1997 Simon PA, Thometz E, Bunch JG, Sorvillo F, Detels R  1999  
Failure to Learn Human Immunodeficiency Virus Test Results in Los Angeles Public Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinics Simon PA, Wiley DJ, Frerich RR, Ford WL  1998  
Seasonality and factors associated with cryptosporidiosis among individuals with HIV infection F. Sorvillo, PhD  1998  
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Use of Corner's Data to Monitor Hiv Seroprevalence Among Injection Drug Users Simon P, Hu Y, Muto J, Sathyavagiswaran L, Denning P  1996  
Reasons for HIV antibody test refusal in a heterosexual sexually transmitted disease clinic population   1996