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2016 Press Releases
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March 07 Cold Weather Alert
March 06 Rain Advisory
March 04 Cold Weather Alert
March 03 March is Proclaimed Prescription Drug Abuse Awareness Month
March 03 Se Proclama Marzo el Mes de Concientización Sobre el Abuso de Medicamentos Recetados
February 29 Air Quality Advisory
February 26 Public Health Continues to Monitor Zika Virus Disease
February 26 Salud Pública Continúa Vigilando el Virus del Zika
February 23 Cold Weather Alert
February 18 Aliso Canyon Storage Facility Natural Gas Leak Confirmed Sealed
February 18 Cold Weather Alert
February 18 Rain Advisory
February 18 Se Confirma Que Fue Sellada la Fuga de Gas Natural en la Instalación Aliso Canyon Storage Facility
February 17 Cold Weather Alert
February 11 Protect Your Preteen’s Health for the Years Ahead
February 11 Proteja la Salud de su Preadolescente Para los Años Venideros
February 08 Cold Weather Alert
February 05 Cold Weather Alert:
February 03 Public Health Updates Los Angeles County on Zika Virus
February 02 Cold Weather Alert:
February 01 Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Encourages Hollywood to do More to Address Movies’ Impact on Youth Smoking
January 31 Cold Weather Alert
January 31 Rain Advisory
January 29 Cold Weather Alert
January 26 Cold Weather Alert

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