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August 23 Public Health Issues Warning against a Synthetic Drug called "Spice"
August 22 Air Quality Advisory
August 18 Air Quality Advisory
August 15 Air Quality Advisory
August 15 Air Quality Advisory:
August 13 Air Quality Advisory
August 12 Air Quality Advisory
August 12 Heat Alert
August 11 Air Quality Advisory
August 10 Anti-Obesity Initiative Targets Less “Screen Time” for Young Children
August 10 Iniciativa contra la obesidad propone menos “tiempo de pantalla” para los niños pequeños
August 08 Air Quality Advisory
August 07 Air Quality Advisory
August 05 Air Quality Advisory
August 04 Public Health Cautions Pregnant Women on Travels to Zika- Affected Areas
August 02 Public Health Launches PrEP Centers of Excellence to Help Stop the Spread of HIV in Los Angeles County (Updated)
August 01 Air Quality Advisory
July 30 Air Quality Advisory
July 29 Air Quality Advisory
July 28 Air Quality Advisory
July 28 Heat Alert
July 28 Se Amplia las Recomendaciones de Vacunación para la Enfermedad Meningocócica Invasiva
July 26 Air Quality Advisory
July 26 Air Quality Advisory:
July 26 Invasive Meningococcal Disease Vaccination Recommendations Expanded

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