Department of Public Health
  • Calorie Control Council
    This site provides information on how to lose weight by taking in fewer calories and exercising. The site gives the viewer access to two calorie calculators, a health and weight control newsletter ("Calorie Control Commentary"), and current weight control news and information from various news sources and magazines.

  • The American Dietetic Association
    This site is maintained by the American Dietetic Association and contains numerous nutritional topics, links, and services. Features of this site include online journal articles, referrals to registered dieticians in various locations, classified advertising, and information on what’s going on at the government level.

  • Dairy Council of California
    Dairy Council of California’s vision is to be recognized as a pioneer of an individualized learning approach that supports whole health. This web site includes learning tools that reflect this vision.

  • Egg Nutrition Center
    This site covers health and nutritional information for egg products. The site offers an online newsletter, articles regarding egg consumption and health, and nutritional information.

  • California Nutrition Network/5-a-day
    The California Nutrition Network seeks to increase Californians' consumption of fruits and vegetables to 5 or more daily servings, increase daily physical activity to at least 30 minutes for adults and 60 minutes for children, and achieve full participation in Federal food assistance programs to promote healthy weights for adults, youth and children.

  • California Project LEAN
    California Project LEAN works with state and local physical activity and nutrition leaders to conduct programs in communities throughout California. Los Angeles Region Project LEAN is one of the 12 regional offices in California housed within the Los Angeles County Health Department, Public Health Nutrition Program.

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