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Title Journal Abbreviation  
Health & Place [Electronic resource]
Health & Social Work Health Soc Work
Health Affairs Health Aff (Millwood)
Health Care Food and Nutrition Focus
Health Care Management Review Health Care Manage Rev
Health Care Management Science Health Care Manage Sci
Health Care Manager Health Care Manag (Frederick)
Health Care Strategic Management Health Care Strateg Manage
Health Data Summaries for California Counties
Health District Profiles
Health education & behavior Health Educ Behav
Health Education Research Health Educ Res
Health Facilities Management Health Facil Manage
Health Marketing Quarterly Health Mark Q
Health News Health News
Health Physics: The Radiation Safety Journal
Health Policy Health Policy
Health promotion practice Health Promot Pract
Health Promotion: Global Perspectives
Health Services Management Research Health Serv Manage Res
Health Services Research Health Serv Res
Healthcare Benchmarks Healthc Benchmarks
Healthcare Benchmarks and Quality Improvement Healthc Benchmarks Qual Improv
Healthcare Demand and Disease Management Healthc Demand Dis Manag
Healthcare Executive Healthc Exec
Healthcare Financial Management Healthc Financ Manage
Healthcare Forum Healthc Forum
Healthcare Forum Journal Healthc Forum J
Healthcare Infection Prevention
Healthcare Informatics: the business magaine for information and communication systems Healthc Inform
Healthcare Market Strategist
Healthcare Marketing Advisor
Healthcare Strategist Healthc Strateg
Heart Disease - Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine
HEC Forum HEC Forum
Hematology/Oncology Clinics of North America
Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences Hisp J Behav Sci
Holistic Nursing Practice
Home Healthcare Nurse
Hospital & Health Services Administration Hosp Health Serv Adm
Hospital Benchmarks Hosp Benchmarks
Hospital Case Management Hospital Case Manag
Hospital Infection Control Hosp Infect Control
Hospitals & Health Networks Hosp Health Netw

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