Low-Income Women
If you do not have health insurance and are not sure if you are eligible to get it because of citizenship, age, or other reasons, call 1-800-793-8090 or click here.
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Department of Public Health
Office of Women's Health
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Office of Women’s Health - Community Partners

Community Partners represent a diverse group of community-based organizations, private health care systems, educational institutions, faith-based organizations, businesses, women’s programs, and professional associations that are important stakeholders in Los Angeles County. These Partners constitute a network for the distribution of multi-lingual educational material, referrals and services for screenings and treatment, and health-related activities.

The Partners provide direct links to the community—their constituencies include targeted racial/ethnic groups, languages, and special populations. In addition, Community Partners provide a depth of knowledge about diverse populations and their needs that enable the Office of Women’s Health to test messages and concepts.

Specific activities a Community Partner might undertake include:

  • Accepting patient referrals for screenings through the OWH toll-free hotline (1-800-793-8090).
  • Participating in health fairs, community dialogues and other community events.
  • Organizing educational/provider training for staff.
  • Distributing educational materials to patients/clients/members, and/or working with the Office of Women’s Health in any other way that is appropriate for your agency.
  • Collaborating with the OWH on funding opportunities, community dialogues and other events.
  • Participating in quarterly meetings and training sessions with other Community Partners to identify issues, barriers, solutions, and resources.
  • Printing articles in newsletters and other communication vehicles.
Prevention Matters! Campaign

Community Partners in the Cervical Cancer Initiative

Community Partners in the Prevention Matters! Campaign

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