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Office of Women’s Health



Low Income Women
If you do not have health insurance and are not sure if you are eligible to get it because of citizenship, age, or other reasons, click here.
Contact Information
Los Angeles County
Department of Public Health
Office of Women's Health
3400 Aerojet Avenue, Third Floor
El Monte, CA 91731
Phone: (626) 569-3850
Fax: (626) 288-9335



**This list is useful when beginning your exploration of reproductive health and the environment. It is not exhaustive or intended to be a substitute for peer-reviewed journal articles.**

  1. Association of Reproductive Health Professionals
    (Click on “Reproductive Health Topics” Tab, then Click on “Reproductive Health and the Environment” on the page)

  2. California Family Health Council
    (Click on “For Teens” Tab, then Click on “Blog” Tab, then scroll down to “5 Ways to Limit Your Exposure to Everyday Chemicals")

  3. California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative
    (Click on “Health and Safety” Tab, offers a brief overview of chemical exposure in nail salons; Click on “Resources” Tab-articles in PDF)

  4. California Latinas for Reproductive Justice (CLRJ)
    (Click on Download PDF under “Making the Case for California Latinas’ Reproductive Health and Justice Policy in right column- addresses environmental impact on reproductive health briefly)

  5. California Teratogen Information Service (CTIS) Pregnancy Risk Information
    (Scroll down to headings below UCSD Health Sciences logo and click on “Fact Sheets”, sheets organized under headings: medications, herbal products, infections and vaccines, maternal medical conditions, illicit substances, and other common exposures)

  6. Center for Environmental Health
    (Click on “Making the News” Tab and then click on Publications to see list of reports on lead in products and a brief overview of effects on health, including reproductive health)

  7. Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program Los Angeles County Dept. of Public Health
    (Click on “Journal Articles” in Resources column on left and scroll down to Low Levels of Lead Delay Puberty in Young Girls-April 2003-read)

  8. Environment California
    (Click on Issues Tab then click on Environmental Health. Scroll down to Environmental Health Reports – Reading is quite research dense)

  9. LA County Dept. of Public Health, Environmental Health Department
    How to protect yourself from exposures in food, housing, water and waste

  10. March of Dimes
    (Click on “Pregnancy and Newborn” Tab then click on During pregnancy then in Pregnancy Dangers column, click on Hazardous Substances During Pregnancy or Mercury and Pregnancy under the Safety heading- easy to read overviews topics, not research dense)

  11. Pacific Institute for Women’s Health
    (Place cursor on “Resources” Tab and click on Advocacy Tools from drop down list. P19 of Women’s Empowerment and Reproductive Health: Links throughout the Life Cycle contains a short paragraph about environmental exposures to women

  12. University of California San Francisco Program on Reproductive Health and the Environment

  13. Healthy Child, Healthy World

  14. Physicians for Social Responsibility-LA

  15. Toxics Epidemiology Program - Los Angeles County Dept. of Public Health
    Environmental exposures are categorized by home, work and community. Offers brief overviews of each exposure.

Reproductive Health & the Environment
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