Obesity Prevention Strategies

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Obesity Prevention Strategies

Los Angeles County partners are implementing Obesity Prevention Strategies to help create conditions where people are encouraged to act on their information and awareness and where the healthy choice becomes the easy and preferred choice through policy, systems and environmental changes.


healthy food access



  • Healthy Retail - Improving availability of healthy foods sold, and increasing healthy foods sold, and increasing healthy interior and exterior signage at community markets.

  • Restaurants/Mobile Vending - Improving menu selection and marketing of healthier items at neighborhood vendors and restaurants.

  • "Edible" Gardens - Identifying and providing opportunities to develop and sustain "edible" gardens in schools and communities.

  • Farmers' Markets - through EBT and WIC coupon acceptance and supporting new market locations.


nutrition and physical activity policies




  • Healthy Worksite Programs - Implementing a comprehensive wellness program to increase gruit and vegetable consumption and physical activity opportunities at work.

  • Structured Physical Activity Programs - Establishing policies that encourage low-income children and families to attain the recommended amount of daily physical activity in a safe environment.

  • Active Transport - Promoting active transport and improving access to safer streets through safe routes for all users, including bicyclists and pedestrians.

  • Healthy Food and beverage Standards - Promoting standards within LA County department facilities, public housing units, city parks and recreational facilities, and/or vending machines.

  • Healthy Foods and Beverages  Availability - Collaborating with local youth-serving organizations that serve youth through parks and recreation, sports leagues, and booster clubs to increase availability and access of healthy foods and beverages at community events.


nutition and physical systems and programs



  • Childcare Policies - Developing healthy eating and physical activity policies including healthier snacks or meals, making water the primary beverage of choice, and increasing the amount of physical activity at early childhood sites.

  • School Wellness Policies - Establishing policies that meet or exceed USDA minimum requirements to create a healthy eating environment.

  • Joint Use Agreements - Implementing agreements with cities and schools to create opportunities for recreational, gardening and cooking facilities.



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