HOTm  Support Materials posted monthly under each produce item.

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Activity Sheets:


These activity sheets can be utilized in the classroom to connect core subjects to the Harvest of the Month program. One recommended use is to place all activity sheets in a binder and place binder by the copy machine used by teachers for easy access.


Downey USD


Activity Sheets Grades 4-8

Worksheets that are linked to sections of the HOTM Educator newsletter.  The main sections used include: Student Sleuths, History, Reasons to Eat, and Just the Facts.


LA Trade Tech


Activity Sheets-Binder Covers


If you organize your Classroom Activity Sheets in a binder, this binder cover can be used as the front cover for teacher identification of content. A view binder is recommended.


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Activity Sheets-Binder Side


If you organize your Classroom Activity Sheets in a binder, this binder side can be used on the side for teacher identification of content.


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Activity Sheets:  Special Ed

To be given to teachers or other educators who work with students with significant cognitive disabilities.  Each worksheet is aligned to meet California Alternate Performance Assessment (CAPA) standards.




Activity Book:
Grades 4-5


This is a six page activity book geared for students in grades 4 & 5 includes HOTM produce facts and comprehension questions along with fun puzzles and a healthy goal-setting activity. 



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Curriculum Links to Storybooks

(goes with storybook list posted on 1st page)

Standards-based links that will be given to teachers or other educators who use the recommended HOTM books. The links are posted under each month’s produce item.

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Educator Newsletter Highlights

  • Word
  • PDF

To be given to teachers or other educators who prefer receiving just the highlights of the HOTM Educator Newsletter.

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Family Newsletter-Hmong


Family Newsletter translated into Hmong. Does not include the recipe that is included in the English version.

Merced COE

Family Newsletter-Chinese

Family Newsletter translated into Chinese.


Alhambra COE


Family Newsletter-Vietnamese

Family Newsletter translated into Vietnamese.


OCDE-School Coalition



To be read at monthly NAC meetings.  NAC students can in turn read in their class, at monthly assemblies or over the PA system during morning announcements.  Includes nutrition information on HOTM and the monthly health focus.

Tulare COE



Fact Sheets

Monthly overheads for the featured produce item for K-1 and 2-6.


Tulare COE


PreK Harvest Tools Packet

Each packet includes a picture recipe, accordion book, math & science lesson, Power point presentation for parent education, themed classroom activity, classroom recipe, themed parent education, and parent recipes in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

OCDE-School Coalition


Preschool-Activity Packet

Harvest of the Month small group activities and classroom taste testing integrated into the Preschool Houghton Mifflin Where Bright Futures Begin Curriculum.

Merced COE



Posters will now include nutrition information as well as HOTM information.

Tulare COE



Supermarket monthly poster of HOTM for display in produce section.

Tulare COE



Usually given to students in conjunction with taste testing.

Tulare COE


Taste Test Instructions

Instructions and ideas on how to prepare and serve the featured Harvest of the Month produce for taste testing in the classroom.  Instruction sheets are sent to all classrooms with the Harvest of the Month produce each month.

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Taste Test Teaching Points


HOTM highlights for K-6 to be used in conjunction with HOTM taste testing

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When possible, documents are available in either Microsoft Word or Publisher format to allow the user to change information to fit their program.  In addition, some documents are available in Adobe PDF format to allow the user to see what a document looks like in the event they don't have the required software to view it (If you can't view Adobe PDF click here for free Download Adobe Reader here Adobe Reader software)

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