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Los Angeles County Mpox Case Summary (Weekly)

Updated every other Friday. Data as of at 6:00pm.

Total Mpox / Orthopox Confirmed Cases


*includes Long Beach and Pasadena
Los Angeles County (excl. Long Beach and Pasadena)
Long Beach
Long Beach data as of .
Pasadena data as of .

Total Mpox / Orthopox Confirmed Deaths

Case1 Counts by Episode Date

Episode date is defined as the earliest existing value of: Date of Onset, Date of Diagnosis, Date of Death, Date Received, Specimen Collection Date.
Recent dates may be incomplete due to lags in data reporting. The red box corresponds to dates that are likely not yet reported completely.
In order to Zoom in on the plot, left click on the plot and drag your cursor over the area you would like to Zoom.

Cumulative Vaccine Summary

Total First Doses Administered6


*includes Long Beach and Pasadena

Cumulative Case1 Counts and Vaccination Sites7 by Service Planning Area (SPA)

1. Includes confirmed or probable mpox cases per case definitions from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
2. Rates are crude. Data source for population estimates: July 1, 2019 Population and Poverty Estimates, prepared by Hedderson Demographic Services for Los Angeles County Internal Services Department, released 05/26/2020.
3. -- = value unavailable. ^ = unstable. Rate is considered unstable if the relative standard error 23 percent or more of the rate estimate or if the frequency was less than 20.
4. The Healthy Places Index, developed by the Public Health Alliance of Southern California, combines 25 community characteristics, like access to healthcare, housing, education, and more, into a single score reflecting the overall health of the community. On this dashboard, HPI scores were divided into quartiles, with quartile 1 representing the least healthy communities. For more information about HPI, visit
5. Defined as people experiencing homelessness during exposure period. Unsheltered - Encampment: living in places or structures not meant for human habitation with groups of other persons. Unsheltered - Other: living in places or structures not meant for human habitation (e.g., parks, streets, or vehicles). Sheltered - Congregate Housing: living specifically in congregate sheltered settings (e.g., homeless and transitional shelters, domestic violence shelters, recuperative care centers). Sheltered - Other: living in temporary housing during exposure (e.g., hotels/motels used for emergency housing, couch surfing in private homes). Unknown/Under Investigation: unable to locate the individual's whereabouts or is currently under investigations by the PEH team. For vaccination data only: Other: Any other non-listed setting. Prefer Not to State/Unknown: Setting status information not provided.
6. The number of doses received are directly allocated to LAC DPH from the federal government to respond to the current mpox outbreak. These doses are then distributed to public and community/hospital vaccination sites to administer.
7. Vaccination site locations are subject to change and do not imply vaccine availability. Please consult current LA County guidelines to determine vaccine eligibility.
8. Total count does not represent all patients treated. Forms continue to be uploaded from treatment sites.
9. Multiple indications possible.
10. Cells with a count of less than 5 are censored due to small cell size.
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