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Los Angeles County                 Department of Public Health
Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
5555 Ferguson Drive, Suite 210-02
Commerce, CA 90022
(800) LA-4-LEAD
Fax (323) 890-8736


Journal Articles

Interpreting and Managing Blood Lead Levels < 10 mcg/dL in Children and Reducing Childhood Exposures to Lead - 11/2/2007

Lead Poisons Kids at Lower Levels Than Standard - 11/1/2007

US Consumer Group Flags More Toys with Lead - 10/31/2007

Lead Concerns Spread to More Products - 9/18/2007

Boomers Exposed to Higher Levels of Lead, Study Suggests Link to Mental Decline in Elderly - 9/13/2007

Why Lead in Toy Paint?  It's Cheaper - 9/11/2007

Bid to Root Out Lead Trinkets Falters in U.S. - 8/6/2007

Research Links Lead Exposure, Criminal Activity - 7/8/2007

Globalized Migration and Transnational Epidemiology - 5/11/2007

Globalization, Binational Communities, and Imported Food Risks:  Results of an Outbreak Investigation of Lead Poisoning in Monterey County, California - May 2007

Case Management Protocol and Declining Blood Lead Concentrations Among Children - January 2007

Changes in Blood Lead Levels Associated with Use of Chloramines in Water Treatment Systems - 11/7/06

Supporting Document for Recommended Maximum Level for Lead in Candy Likely to Be Consumed Frequently by Small Children - November 2006

Lead in Candy Likely to Be Consumed Frequently by Small Children:  Recommended Maximum Level and enforcement Policy - November 2006

Death of a Child After Ingestion of a Metallic Charm -- Minnesota, 2006 - 3/23/06

Correction:  34% of lead poisoning cases in Los Angeles County, with at least one source identified,  had been associated with "take-home exposures" which mean that there is an adult in the household whose work might involve lead.

Deaths Associated with Hypocalcemia from Chelation Therapy -- Texas, Pennsylvania, and Oregan, 2003-2005 - 3/15/06

A Randomized, Community-Based Trial of Home Visiting to Reduce Blood Lead Levels in Children - 1/13/06

Lead Exposure in Children:  Prevention, Detection, and Management - 10/11/05

Lead Exposure from Indoor Firing Ranges Among Students on Shooting Teams -- Alaska, 2002-2004 - 6/17/05

Blood Lead Levels - United States, 1999-2002 - 5/27/05

IQ and Blood Lead from 2 to 7 Years of Age:  Are the Effects in Older Children the Residual of High Blood Lead Concentrations in 2-Year-Olds? - May 2005

Seasonality and Children's Blood Lead Levels - 2/24/05

Elevated Blood Lead Levels in Refugee Children - New Hampshire, 2003-2004 - 1/21/05

Childhood Lead Poisoning from Commercially Manufactured French Ceramic Dinnerware -- New York City, 2003 - 7/9/04 

Blood Lead Secular Trend in a Cohort of Children in Mexico City (1987-2002) - July 2004

Brief Report:  Lead Poisoning from Ingestion of a Toy Necklace -- Oregon, 2003 - 6/18/04 

Low Lead Levels Lower IQ in Children- April 2003

Low levels of Lead Delay Puberty in Young Girls - April 2003 

Fatal Pediatric Lead Poisoning Case -- New Hampshire, 2000 - 6/8/01

Blood Lead Levels in Young Children -- United States and Selected States, 1996-1999 - 12/22/00

Lead Astray:  California's Broken Promise to Protect Children From Lead Poisoning - 4/26/00

Lead in Calcium Supplements - April 2000

Lead Poisoning Associated with Imported Candy and Powered Food Coloring  -- California and Michigan - 12/11/98  

Dangers of Lead Still Linger - January 1998

Phasing Lead out of Gasoline

Lead Poisoning in Wildlife

Dangers of Low-Lead Amounts

Lead Arsenic

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