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Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program


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Los Angeles County                 Department of Public Health
Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
5555 Ferguson Drive, Suite 210-02
Commerce, CA 90022
(800) LA-4-LEAD
Fax (323) 890-8736


Lead Levels <10 ug/dL  Lower IQ in Children

A study shows that lead levels now widely believed to be safe in children actually produce a severe impact on intellectual development. The researchers found that a rise in lead levels from 1 mcg/dL to 10 was associated with a 7.4 point drop in IQ. An increase in lead levels from 10 to 30 mcg/dL was associated with an additional drop of only about two to three points. The study was published in

New England Journal of Medicine, April 17, 2003 Vol. 348 No. 16

"Intellectual Impairment in Children with Blood Lead Concentrations below 10 mcg/dL"

"Exposure to Lead in Children - How Low is Low Enough?"

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