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What is a LATCH System?
Most child safety seats and vehicles manufactured after September 1, 2002 are equipped with LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tether for Children). LATCH is not required for booster seats, car beds and vests. LATCH is a new system that makes child safety seat installation easierówithout using seat belts.
How does LATCH work?

First: On each side of the safety seat are straps. These straps hook to the lower anchor bars that have been installed in the crack of the vehicle seat cushion. Once fastened you simply pull to tighten like a seat belt, according to the manufactures instructions.

Secondly: At the top of the safety seat is the top tether strap. Attach this strap to the vehicle's top anchor (located in the rear panel of passenger cars and in the cargo floor area of vans) and pull to tighten. NOTE: Tethers are not used on most rear-facing child safety seats.

Once installed, the child safety seat should not move more than one-inch forward or sideways. It is important to always read and follow the vehicles owner's manual and child safety seat manufacture's instructions for correct installation.

While most vehicles will have lower anchors in the left and right rear seat positions, if there are no anchors available in your vehicle, you can still safely install the child safety seat using a seat belt (Just read and follow the vehicles owner's manual and child safety seat manufacture's instructions for correct installation). If available on the safety seat, the top tether strap should be attached for forward-facing seats. If the vehicle does not have a top anchor, contact the manufacturer or dealership to see if it can be retrofitted.

Remember, children are safest when properly restrained in the back of the vehicle and it is advisable to have your child's safety seat checked by a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician. Select here for child safety seat inspection and event information.

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